are you tired of doing too much?

Simplify Your Business

and create a better business experience



What do you wish was easier?

Business can feel hard some days.

Especially as a Self-Employed or Micro-Business woman. You can start to feel overloaded and overwhelmed with all you have to do each day.

Handling all those daily distractions, demands and decision fatigue. Figuring out what to focus on or fix next. Dealing with unexpected setbacks and obstacles. Doubting yourself and wondering if you can make your business work the way you want.

I know what it takes to deal with all of that.

Deciding to be a micro-business means you are making a choice to be a different kind of business.

You’ll need to ditch the “hustle & scale” advice for a simpler way. You don’t have to wait until later to enjoy your business. You can bypass burnout by learning how to simplify your business now.

…and I can teach you how to do that.


What does your business really need?

Yes, you can figure it all out on your own.

And, knowing when to ask for help is a vital business skill we all learn eventually. It’s normal to experience overwhelm and for business to become complicated.

But it shouldn’t feel that way all the time.

Getting fresh eyes on your business, exploring different perspectives and getting the right expertise or strategy for your business will shortcut your struggles.

I can teach you to clarify your needs and what matters most. From there, we identify the steps needed to simplify your business for more ease & enjoyment.


savvy guidance to help you make the right decisions for your business


learn simple micro-strategies that make your marketing more enjoyable


improve how people experience
and engage with your services


simple & strategic micro-sized websites that showcase your business expertise

I’ve been specializing in Micro-Business for more than a decade.

I’ve worked both full-time & part-time in my business — which has evolved several times and adjusted to meet my needs better. I know the effort and committment it takes to navigate change – especially when dealing with circumstances that limit our energy, time and capacity.

Now I use my lived, learned & earned expertise to teach other women how to create business and client experiences that are mutually beneficial. Whatever the reason you seek clarity, simplicity or ease in your business — it’s worthy, worthwhile, and you can create it!

You get to decide what your business looks like, and there is nothing you “should” do.

We’ll collaborate to take you from vague ideas to a business, marketing & clients you adore. You’ll learn what works best for you, how you want to feel and doing work that lights you up!

Interested in a next step?

I offer several ways we can work together and the quickest way to begin is with one of these…

Simplicity Session

Let’s clarify your needs and help you create more simplicity in your business & marketing


Choose from a selection of Intensive Experiences to help you translate your ideas into better business & marketing results

Tell me about you & your needs!

The first step is to send me a message to tell me more about your ideas, needs or situation. The more detail you share the easier it will be to respond with a recommendation or next step

I acknowledge with gratitude that I live and work on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples of the shíshálh nation.

I am an intersectional feminist business working to change business culture.  I believe in equality & anti-racism, advocate for women-owned micro-businesses and strive to offer trauma-informed, inclusive services.