Let’s Simplify Your Business

and create more with less


What do you wish was easier?

Business can feel tough some days.

Especially as a Self-Employed or Micro-Business owner. You can be overworked and overwhelmed with all you have to do. Handling all the demands, distractions and decision fatigue. Figuring out what to focus on. Dealing with self-doubt, unexpected setbacks and wondering if you can make your business work the way you want.

But it shouldn’t feel like that all the time!

It’s easy to complicate your business by doing too much. Successful businesses learn that simplicity creates more ease and enjoyable experiences.

Choosing to be a micro-business means a focus on simplicity – especially if you’re operating solo.

Managing your business can be easier when you have the right support and systems in place to help you. 

…and I’d love to help you figure out how!


What does your business really need?

Yes, you can figure it all out on your own.

And, doing it all on your own can make things take longer or feel harder because you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s possible to go beyond what we think limits us.

Getting fresh eyes or exploring different perspectives can help us find ways around obstacles. Getting the right help or expertise can help us shortcut struggles. A simpler strategy can reveal itself and make things easier when you know the questions to ask.

What would be possible if you had help to simplify, focus and do more with less effort?


savvy guidance to help you make decisions right for your business


simple visibility strategies that showcase your expertise


improve how people experience
and engage with your services


leverage your expertise so you can earn more and gain time & energy

I’ve been a Micro-Business Specialist for over a decade.

My business has evolved often and for various reasons. Navigating change successfully is a process and your needs are part of that transition. My work supports women who want to learn how to create energetically nurturing experiences and business simplicity is a pathway to enjoying your work, business and relationships more.

If you’re ready for a different way of being in your business – let’s connect!
Together we’ll work with your energy & expertise and I’ll help you take those vague nudges & ideas and translate them into the business, marketing & clients you’ll adore. There are people waiting to find someone like you to work with!

Ready for a next step?

If you’re keen to get started soon, or curious about what we could accomplish together book a Clarity calls and let’s get started!


Let’s clarify your needs and create strategic simplicity, better focus or clear direction.
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Curious about other ways we can work together?

I also offer Business Intensives & Mentoring where we work closely to turn your ideas and needs into business, marketing and client experiences you love to tell people about.

If you’d like to connect for a call or to learn more about that work fill out the interest form and I’ll be in touch with how we can get started.

I acknowledge with gratitude that I live and work on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples of the shíshálh nation.

I am an intersectional feminist business working to change business culture.  I believe in equality & anti-racism, advocate for women-owned micro-businesses and strive to offer trauma-informed, inclusive services.