Being in business can
feel really hard some days.

especially if you are Self-Employed
or a Micro Business owner.

You juggle everything by yourself.

Dealing with decision fatigue, overwhelm & obstacles.
Trying to figure stuff out and make things happen.

I know the difficulties & demands you face.

Choosing to be self-employed micro-business means
you’ve made a decision to do business differently.

Learn the strategies, solutions & structure
that support solo & micro businesses to blossom.

Ready to make business feel better?

Let’s transform your business to work better so you
can love your business, marketing & clients more.


guidance & expertise to help you make steady progress


specializing in micro sites that grow with your business


simple marketing systems that feels better & saves you time


clever solutions & services
that get you better results

KIM BANKS  ·  Vision Facilitator & Micro Business Specialist

I’ve been working with Self-Employed Women & Micro Business Owners for over 10 years — helping them clarify, communicate and creatively express their unique business visions.

I work collaboratively and fully support my clients with all they need to create their vision and accomplish their goals. You’ll receive exactly what you need to create the best solutions for your building, improving and marketing your business.

Interested in working together?

I offer quick ConsultationsBusiness Boosting sessions and intensives or monthly support for your business, website,  marketing or creative project needs.

If you’re interested in working together please use the form to tell me more about your ideas or needs.

I’ll respond to let you know if I think I can help and will share next steps for how we can get started together. 

I believe in equality and that businesses need to create a culture of change. I strive to create safe, inclusive spaces and offer accessible services, options & resources for marginalized, disadvantaged, and disabled individuals. I’m committed to advocating for better business education to help women build sustainable, thriving businesses.

What do you need?