Savvy Micro sites

quick & simple solutions to
get your business online now

Not all businesses need a big or expensive website.

If you feel ready for an online presence, and want to keep things simple,
then a Savvy Micro Site might be just the right size for you.

Even a small website can take several weeks, or even a few months, to build from start to finish. There are many decisions to be made and things you need to learn, organize and create before your build can begin.

Most website projects can easily overwhelm, drain or frustrate business owners. Especially, if you feel tech-challenged or are already super busy running your business. You don’t need to complicate your business more by wasting time on things that don’t support your business needs or goals.


That’s why I take a different approach to websites.

Many clients have shared that working with me has improved other areas of their business too! Going through this process with me, you’ll learn to think differently about your business, micro marketing and client experience.

2/3 of people will stop engaging with a website
if the content or layout is unattractive.

Websites need to engage & attract

Your website should be easy-to-use & well-designed
so it attracts the right people to your business.

Building a website is easier than ever these days!

Almost anyone can create a website, but what surprises people is how much effort even a simple site takes. Choosing fonts, colours, images, creating page copy, figuring out tech-integrations, and the list goes on. Getting things done is easier than every – but knowing what things to do is where you need help.

Many people don’t realize how important strategy & planning are to saving you money and ensuring a smooth project.

The most significant part of the work I do with clients is helping them understand how to translate what they want into the digital medium of a website. Imagine building a house without a blueprint!

That’s why my project process is collaborative — so you can be guided through every step of making decisions for your website. You aren’t left trying to figure out everything on your own. I’m your trusted guide from start to finish — anticipating your needs, helping you deal with obstacles and empowering you to make informed decisions that match your business needs.


75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design.

Websites need to feel Trustworthy

You’ll learn how to build trust online so
your site stands out from shady sites.

Your website needs strategy plus expertise.

Savvy Micro Sites will support you with creating an online presence that clearly, concisely and confidently represents what your business has to offer. Your website will showcase your business and help people understand what you do so they feel compelled to contact you.

Your website can be a smart investment that helps your business
or it can be a costly mistake and waste of precious resources.

Let’s take you from vague idea
to launching your lovely site!

See what we’ve created for other solo & micro-business clients!
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Choose the Package that Fits Your Needs

Savvy Basics | $ 455

Get a basic online presence so you can be marketing your business now while you leisurely build your site later.


Savvy Single | $ 995

Start with a single page that has all the vital info visitors need! You can expand your site as your business grows.


Savvy Site | $1,695+

Ready for a micro site now?
Let’s build the essential pages you’ll need to showcase your business the right way!

Commonly Asked Questions


What type of websites do you build?

We work with WordPress & Squarespace. All savvy packages give you a mobile-friendly website that you manage on your own once your project is complete.


What's included in a package?

All packages include the essentials you’ll need and we guide you through planning & preparing to get the best results for your business. We handle all the design & tech including setups to get you online efficiently.


Do you offer training or support?

Yes, we give you personalized videos to help you learn exactly what you need. Purchase optional support sessions or WebCare packages so have help after your launch.

Not seeing anything that fits your needs?

If none of these packages are a fit I also offer a Personalized Proposal.
You can purchase a Consultation and I’ll send you my guided Website Discovery  form & video and we’ll figure out the best options to build your ideal website.

Are you ready for your business to be online?

Wonderful! Here’s how we get started…


1. You choose your package

You’ll decide which package you want, make a deposit and we’ll make website magic happen together!


2. Complete the form to get started

Tell me briefly about your business, what’s important to you and what you need this website to do for your business.


3. I'll follow-up with our next steps

Once I receive your form, I’ll get in touch to answer any questions you asked and explain next steps.

Tell me about your needs...

“From the first moment of contact Kim connected with me and my vision. She was able to bring insight into my process and was able to accomplish so much work in a tight schedule. She understood the theme I was going for without much information from me and crafted a website and visual representation of me that fits perfectly!”
Elana, Days of Grace
    Holistic Canine Therapy